Scolopterus sp. White, 1846

REDUCED_NZ-Ento-Soc-Insect-Playing-Cards_Black-Spined-Weevil RED

Common name: Black spined weevil

Order: Coleoptera  Family: Curculionidae

Size: 6 mm

The black spined weevils is a small but charismatic beetle, which is found only in New Zealand. As the name suggests, this weevil is a shiny black colour, with two distinctive spines on the hardened forewings (elytra).

Weevils are a hugely numerous group of beetles, and in New Zealand there are at least 1500 species across 300 genera. Most weevils are herbivores, feeding on plant material, and the black spined weevil is no exception. This species feeds on pollen and can be found on a variety of different plant species.