New Zealand hosts around 20,000 insects species of which more than 90% are endemic (only found in NZ). They mostly remain just out of view but nevertheless share our cities, our mountains, our beaches and our forests. It’s hard to overstate how varied and vast our insect fauna is. They are beautiful and they are bizarre and they are vital characters in our environment.

The New Zealand Insect playing card deck will feature 52 native insects hand illustrated by Emma Scheltema and is manufactured by Legends Playing Card Co.  This project is made possible with generous funding by the Entomological society of New Zealand

We hope that we can introduce you to just a handful of the insects we have in Aotearoa.

Please note that the first edition of cards lists only scientific names.  Our second edition of decks carries both the scientific and common names. We have compiled the following list of common names here (PDF 691KB).