Pre-orders are open!

We’ve received awesome news from Legends Playing Card Co.: the decks have finished manufacture and are on their way to NZ as we speak! We had delayed opening pre-orders until we had a good idea about when the cards would be arriving.

Since the last update we have changed from BigCartel to Shopify to allow for a greater range of payment options and you can take a look at the site here. We will be offering payment for those with PayPal accounts and by bank transfer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Cards will retail for $20 per pack. If you are an educator or would otherwise be interested in buying in bulk or in stocking our cards please feel free to get in touch.

Shipping will be a flat rate with $5 shipping within New Zealand, $10 to Australia and $25 internationally.

2 thoughts on “Pre-orders are open!

    1. Hi Maree,

      I’m so sorry that I missed this comment for so long! If you’re still interested I’d be very happy to put together an order for you. Send me an email at nzinsectcards [at]

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